Friday, August 7th, 2020 Sky High Valley Ranches Ltd. Whitehorse, YT
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I cannot thank you enough for all the Yukon friendliness and motivation I received from you and the team. This has been a life changing experience for me and always will be.

I saw the statue in town on my first night, dedicated to all those who follow their dreams and that is exactly what I did, but I ended up with more than I ever expected, friends, Ian's philosophies and the inspirational courage of amazing dogs with such individual characters. I swore not to get attached, but ended up crying and heart sore when I said good bye.

The work ethic of Valerie and Laird was also inspiring. I have never seen such cheerfully hard working people in my life, and I will take a page out of their book and apply it to my every day approach.

I fell in love with the beauty of the Yukon and it's people, and yearn for that beautiful fresh mountain air and crisp mornings of solitude we had.

Linda Newby
South Africa

I would just like to write to you with a few words about my time at Sky High Wilderness Ranch.... Coming from New Zealand and travelling on my own meant that I needed to do quite a bit of research before the trip to ensure that what I wanted to do was indeed available. Unfortunately travelling on your own does have its drawbacks when arranging events such as Dog Sledding, Ice fishing, and snow machining. That was until I made contact with you and Gary at Sky High... You made sure that I was taken care of in every way possible. You made it clear to me that the equipment that was required for snow shoeing and ice fishing was at my disposal. You made it clear to me that whatever happened you guys would ensure my stay there was a memorable one.

So in the end I booked your Aurora cabin for 10 nights and during my stay I spent many fun hours Dog Sledding...( I just love Jemima) I have to give Valerie a big thank you for her assistance and guidance with the dog sledding....

A very big thank you also to Guillaume....Well I'm not sure how to spell his name but im sure you will know who I mean... For taking me Snow Machining...He is an awesome guy with a huge personality and a movie star to boot. I want to also thank him for ensuring that I had everything I needed in the cabin.

Also Ian....What a man... I was fortunate enough to get to know Ian a little as we drove into Whitehorse and back twice. Once to go the Yukon Quest Gala dinner and another time just before we went ice fishing, we went into town to trade his furs. Well isn't that one for the books. How much closer can one get to the old days than by trading a few furs. After that Ian took me ice fishing with a team of 12 of his dogs and wow did we have some fun with them. Thank you also Ian for the time you gave me. I just want to note that everywhere I have been recently since leaving the Sky High Ranch and talking to people here and there, it seems that Ian is pretty well known all over this place. I was Ice fishing yesterday at hidden lake behind the hills of Whitehorse and I was chatting with this other fisherman....He said oh yea everyone knows Ian.

Finally I just want to say how awesome the Aurora cabin is.........The view from the main room looking out over Fish Lake with the mountains covered in snow in the background is absolutely nothing but stunning....I was walking back to the cabin one evening and only 10 metres in front of me walking on the same track to the cabin is a Lynx. It stopped and looked at me in time for me to grab my camera and take a few shots. Then it left the track and rested under a tree just a meter from the track. It's the tree just as you come down the path and take the first curve to the right. Well I walked on over closer and the Lynx stayed right there, as if it knew it was safe. I went back up to my cabin grabbed my video camera and went back and filmed this animal right there.

Trudy and Gary
Thank you once again for making this holiday a life time memory.

Geoff Glover
New Zealand

We're so glad we decided to have our wedding at Sky High Ranch. The evening we spent with our guests at the lodge was just magical and made for very dear memories for all of our friends and family who attended. We had a wonderful wedding the next day. Sky High is a beautiful place and you made us all feel very comfortable and most welcome. Thank you for being part of our special day.

Yvette Lepage & Jeremy Baumbach
Whitehorse, YT

I don't know how you do it, but every time we talk I'm blown away by the hospitality and the kindness of you and Gary! How do you do that, is that because of the Yukon food.....? Thank you very very much for the offer to pitch our tent on your property and we absolutely grab this nice offer by the horns! It would be very great if we could stay on your property for a few days. In this we can get aquainted with the harsh weather (if possible), and see whether we have any problems with not plugging our car (to test its 'freezing' point). The danger of course is that we are going to like it so much, that we never leave again :).

Timo Meinders

We had a fabulous time, lifelong memories and the whole trip was beyond our expectations.

Olivia Ohlen

It was so good to be back at Sky High. An amazing adventure is now over for me, but not forever. I hope, I could come back next year. I would like to thank once again quite warmly for the great time I had at Sky High. Please say a special thanks to Keri, the best guide ever.

Thomas Thamm

We often talk about the pleasant stay at your ranch. The beautiful landscape, the admirable dogs and your hospitality gave us exciting holidays! Thank you again.

Annelie and Karl-Heinz

I will be booking the 15-days Husky-tour but not this winter, though. I will be coming back in December 2009 (next year). I know, I am a bit early with booking, but I have to have something to look forward to...