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$2539.00 + GST (PER PERSON)


Learn to mush increasingly difficult trails through the spectacular Yukon landscape with your own team of trusted Huskies and go camping in the mountain!

Our tours are considered "lifestyle" tours where the guest has the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a Yukon Musher. Guests take part in the day to day life; helping with chores in the lodge (maintain the fire, cooking, dishes,...) and working as a team to care for the animals and explore the wilderness.

  • DEPARTURE TIMES | DEPARTS SATURDAYS (Starting December 17, 2022 ; last departure March 18, 2023)

  • DURATION | 7 Days


  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL | Dependent on Fitness

  • Please read the fitness and teamwork section here


Itinerary can change depending on weather conditions, group dynamic, and safety reasons.

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While the morning sun lifts slowly over the magnificent horizon, we say good morning to our new canine friends and ensure they are fed, watered and happy. Then we sit in the comfort of our Lodge dining room to have breakfast and plan our day. Today we are going for the first full day on the sleds. The only sound will be the runners in the snow, the working dogs, and your words of encouragement. This is the day that you begin to know each dog's personality and form a bond that only man and dog can understand. With every stop, praise and show of affection for your dogs, they will learn to trust you and you to trust them. Relax in our sod roof sauna before retiring for the night. Overnight at Sky High Wilderness Ranch. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

First full day on the sled!




Today your team will pull you on the surrounding of Łu Zil Män (Fish Lake). Enjoy the rugged landscape of the coastal mountains nestling Fish Lake in its valley. Keep an eye out for wildlife - you never know what you might see! Return to the Lodge for the night. Take care of the dogs, curl up by the fire or sit around the dinner table recounting your adventures with others. There is a gravity fed shower waiting for you in the Lodge. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Łu Zil Män surrounding!

This day takes us towards beautiful Wilderness. The trails are narrower here with some challenging ups and downs. The scenery is breathtaking and the coastal mountains are always in view to the south and west. Part of the trip we are above tree line. In harmony with the running rhythm of your team you will enjoy nature like you have never experienced it before. There is a gravity fed shower and sauna waiting for you in the lodge. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

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Explore the Wilderness.

#9 Wall Tent Camp.BMP



At dawn enjoy a hearty camp breakfast in our wall tent kitchen or our trapper Cabin. From our camp, weather permitting, we will make a run to the top of the mountain above the tree line to Ptarmigan Flats or heading to Coal Lake. Keep your eyes open for this beautiful white bird, while sledding on miles of windblown hill tops. Overnight at Wall tent Camp or Coal Lake Camp. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Check for some wildlife.




Wake with the sun, say good morning to your team as they enjoy their morning meal. Greet the day with a hot coffee and a hearty breakfast. Breathe deeply the fresh clean air and take in the rugged landscape one last time as your team runs back towards the Ranch. As you mush over the clean white snow, listen to the quiet whoosh of the runners and the soft panting of the dogs. Hot lunch at the Ranch. Many people find that saying good bye to their new canine friends is the hardest part of leaving. Pack your belongings and enjoy the drive down Fish Lake Rd. back to downtown Hotel in Whitehorse. Here you will receive your Musher Diploma. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Come back from camp and enjoy your last day!

Adam Malis 3.JPG



The morning on the day of your tour you will be picked up at 10AM in the hotel lobby. As a group we will do some last minute shopping and pick up any items missing from the packing list. Afterwards we drive to the Sky High Wilderness Ranch, 20km South of Whitehorse where we outfit you with your expedition clothing. Enjoy a light lunch and then be introduced to your 4 legged companions for the tour. Now you learn the basics of; dog care, checking their feet and shoulders, dog massage, sledding and parts of the sled. Harness your team, hook up and go for your very first run! After taking care of the dogs you can enjoy the sauna, have a hot dinner and cozy up by the fire. (Lunch, Dinner)

Enjoy the brunch and be introduced to your 4 legged companions!

Sky High Wilderness Ranch is a true Yukon experience! This “off the grid” lifestyle ranch is serviced by quaint outhouses, has limited cell service, no WiFi and water is hauled up from downtown. Our buildings are warmed by a wood stove, making for a cozy stay, we have gravity fed showers and our lights & appliances are all powered by propane (no electricity). We also have a wood-heated sauna!




Imagine yourself years ago when only dogsled was used for transportation. Head out into the untouched wilderness for 3 days of winter camping at our Wall Tent camp at Dry Creek or Coal Lake. A surge of new life creeps into your soul as you journey farther into the amazing landscape surrounding the Fish Lake Area. The trail on this day follows the shores of Fish Lake, climbs and heads into the coastal mountain range to the south. Enjoy the crisp freshness of this day and don't forget to take photos! Curl up at night by the woodstove for a cozy sleep in our wall tents. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Ready to camp!

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